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We are a video game development studio who breathe our imagination into life through an interactive lens.

Atone - Floating islandAtone - Floating islandAtone - Floating islandAtone - Floating islandAtone - Floating islandAtone - Floating islandAtone - Floating island

Released Game #1


Available on Steam, PS4 and Switch on January 27th

A story-driven puzzle game inspired by Norse Mythology and set in a 2D world comprised entirely of hand-drawn angular art. Scan the QR code to find it on Apple Arcade.


Released game #2

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nitro kid
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nitro kid

Available on Steam

Synthwave roguelike deckbuilder set in the neon 80's. Pick your agent. Build your deck. Hit card combos and fight through the floors of INFINITY tower. Featuring 30+ fresh Synthwave tracks by LudoWic, Tonebox and Jules Reves.


about wildboy.

we are pretty chill.

About Us

As a New Zealand based company, our first indie title ATONE marked the beginning of our game development journey. Our studio craft embodies two qualities, passion and dedication. For us, game development is neither a hobby nor a job. We find purpose and fulfillment by transporting others to a place of limitless potential and exploration.

Our games are an extension of our creative personalities. Within each narrative, our aim is to reignite the childhood spark that has captured our imaginations since day one.

slightly OBSESSIVE.

the team

At present, our team is composed of three young founders. We absolutely love what we do and are self proclaimed “kids at heart”. As a studio, we endeavour to create games that we would personally enjoy playing ourselves, fuelling our passion into the production of captivating narrative-driven environments.  

As a trio, we encourage and support each other. Sharing our knowledge in efforts to diversify our skill sets, resulting in games that are truly a joy to play.

Wildboy Studio team photo

Patric Corletto


Software Engineer

Amount of pasta I have had since we started Wildboy Studios.
2000 kg+

Ben Costeloe

New Zealander

Creative Director

Amount of sushi I have had since we started Wildboy Studios.
3000 pieces+

Sid Bardiya

New Zealander / Indian

Game Designer

Number of pizza’s I have had since we started Wildboy Studios.
1000 Slices +

Our proudest moments.

Awards and Achievements

Throughout our journey, we have been fortunate enough to participate in a range of incredible events, receiving recognition for our first indie title ATONE along the way.

The Pavs: NZ Game Awards (Excellence in Art))The Pavs: NZ Game Awards (Excellence in Narrative))The Pavs: NZ Game Awards (Excellence in Audio))Mixtvision & Indie Arena Booth: Story Award NomineeNZGDC: Kiwi Game Started Award Runner UpNZ Best Awards: Sliver


Sharing is Caring.

We like to give back when we can

Making games is fun but it’s even better when we can share a slice of that with our community. We are fortunate to belong to the video game industry and are always willing to gain and share our experience within it. As a studio, we love participating and meeting other developers who share our collective spirit.

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pavs awards

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